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Mold Remediation Burlington NC

Complete Mold Removal Services In Burlington NC

Discovering a mold infestation, mold you never knew was there, or hidden water damage in your home could save your home from permanent damage.  You must act incredibly fast and remove all signs of mold as soon as possible.  That is why here at Accurate Mold Removal is the number one source for all services related to Mold Removal Burlington NC.

Keeping Burlington NC Mold Free For 15 Years!

Mold Remediation Burlington NC
Accurate Mold Removal has been working in Burlington North Carolina for many years!

One of the most important things that need to be done before you can get all of the mold removed from your home is that you must detect the mold.  Accurate Mold Removal strives to provide all of our customers with the best mold testing and mold prevention services possible.  The best mold solution is not having mold in the first place!  That is why mold prevention and mold testing is so important for your home.

If you suspect that your home may be infested with mold, or your home or building has had some sort of water damage.  Then you must take action quickly if you want to fix the situation as soon as possible.  Mold is known for its ability to spread at incredibly fast rates, so the sooner you are to act and call in a professional, the better it is for the health and safety of your home.  If you call Accurate Mold Removal, we promise that we provide the best mold removal services in Burlington NC.

Burlington NC Mold Remediation Services:

There are multiple steps that we must follow in order to properly clean your home from all of the mold and water damage.  Other water damage repair companies will only clean the surface of the mold, which will allow the fungus to come back later.  We know the importance of cleaning out the entire structure of the mold, as well as the airborne mold spores that are invisible to the human eye.

Mold removal Burlington NC

  • The first step is detecting the mold in your home.  We use scientific tools to detect water damage and higher moisture levels throughout your home which leads us to be able to find the source of the mold.
  • The next step we take is separating the mold from the non-contaminated areas of your home.  We do this to stop the spread of mold throughout your home.
  • We then begin to remove the mold on the surface of the home to get rid of the majority of the problem.  This is the largest section of our Mold Removal Burlington NC Services.
  • After we have removed the mold from the surface of the walls and flooring, we detect the mold spores that have moved beyond the surface.  This allows us to clean out every aspect of the mold instead of just the surface.
  • After we have removed 100% of the mold so it doesn’t grow back, we detect the airborne mold spores that most mold remediation companies in Burlington NC don’t look for.  If you don’t remove the airborne mold, then it will begin to grow again.

As you can tell, mold removal is a lot of work.  But we make sure that we provide throughout services, as well as incredibly professional services.

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