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Mold Damage Repair Services

When your home has water damage or a leaking appliance that has added excess moisture to your home, mold is something that is soon to come.  This water damage soon leads to a terrible mold problem that destroys your home, this is why mold damage repair is incredibly important!  Mold is a health hazard that not many people understand.  Everyone understands that mold is dangerous for a home, but not many people understand why.  This mold is not only incredibly dangerous for the foundation for your home, it is also incredibly dangerous for the health of your family.  Call us today and we will solve your mold problems.

Accurate mold removal mold damage repair services
Before and after of a mold removal service in North Carolina

When it comes to mold removal and mold damage repair, you need a professional that will go in and completely clean out the mold from the home and not just the top layer of the mold.  Mold often times digs itself really deep into the foundation of the home, and often times, mold removal companies will only clean off the top layer.  However, at Accurate Mold Removal, we provide our customers with professional services that are the best in the whole nation.

When removing mold from a home, we make sure our professional team uses a thorough process that completely cleans out the mold from the home.  We focus on the small details of our mold damage repair process in order to make sure we provide our clients with the best possible experience in the world.  The mold seeds can be difficult to spot in homes with excess moisture and water damage, which makes the mold grow bigger and bigger.  This causes homeowners to believe that there isn’t mold present in the home, however, the mold is deep inside the drywall and foundation of the house.

north carolina mold damage repair services

Mold can be difficult to see for many homeowners, which is allows the mold to grow without any removal or repair.  Many mold removal companies won’t effectively remove all the mold spores from the foundation of your home so the mold will soon come back.  When you have our mold removal business repair your mold, mold clean up, mildew removal, and mold abatement we will also remove all the mold from the surface and foundation of the home.  We will do anything that is necessary to bring your home back to great condition and make sure the mold never comes back.

If you want to completely remove mold from your home for good, you must work with a professional who understands the process of mold removal.  Our trained professionals are some of the best in the industry because we have worked on thousands of homes over the past couple years.  We are one of the most experienced companies in the whole country.  Accurate Mold Removal is a national brand that provides our customers with the best possible services.  We have proven that we can deliver and provide permanent results that will stay forever.

Accurate Mold Remediation & Removal Includes:

  • The first step is identifying the moisture sources and evaluating where the mold is growing (whether this is on the surface or in the foundation)
  • Inspect the surface of the mold with state of the art infra-red thermal imaging borescope that allows us to see the complete source and trace of the mold.
  • Separate the mold zone from the non-mold zone in order to stop the spreading of the fungus.
  • The next step is the first stage of mold cleanup, which entails the physical removal of mold contamination.
  • After the physical mold is all cleaned up, then we focus on removing the remnants of mold that are hard to reach with physical removal.
  • Perform any recommended procedures or work to return the property to the original state.
  • After all of the mold and water damage is cleaned up and taken care of, then we will implement a mold prevention plan, to keep the mold away from your home for good.
  • The final step is photo and written documentation for insurance documents as well as final prevention steps.

When you have a mold problem, and you decide to choose us to take care of your water damage repair, mold damage repair, or mold removal, you will be receiving the best possible services in the country.  Accurate Mold Removal specializes in providing our customers with the most professional services to maintain and repair your home.  You will be glad you called us!

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