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Mold Removal – Who Do You Call To Fix Your Mold Problem?

Mold Removal and Repair:

Accurate Mold Removal and Mold Remediation
The Accurate Mold Removal Team cleaning out a home in Burlington NC.

Mold removal can be one of the most important home repair decisions you can make, not only for the health of your home but for your own personal health and safety.  Millions of homes each year are plagued with mold and sometimes it feels like it is impossible to fix.  But that is not always the case!  We have treated thousands of homes for mold and have been able to repair even the toughest cases of mold!

Has your home recently be stricken with a busted pipe or a flood?  Thousands of houses every year are hit with leaky roofs and water accidents.  When the water leaks into your home it causes dangerous mold to take control of your home!  This water damage is incredibly dangerous and damaging to your home and to your health.

Mold is caused by excessive water and moisture in your home.  This excess water and moisture not only causes mold to damage your home but it is incredibly dangerous to your health.  Mold is a form of fungus that puts off lung-damaging particles.  Many people believe mold removal and mold repair is only important for keeping your home safe, but it is actually very important to keep your body healthy.  Living in a fungus and mold invested home has been proven to cause lung disease including cancer and much more.

Now that you understand how important mold removal and water damage repair is, you must understand how incredible our restoration company is.  We are proud to serve the North Carolina Area in cities such as Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, Asheville, and many more North Carolina cities!  We are the number one mold removal company in North Carolina.  We pride ourselves on being the number one mold removal and remediation company in the whole North Carolina area.  We are also able to provide the best mold removal, mold repair, mold remediation, water damage, and fire damage company in the country.  Here is a list of mold services and mold clean up services that we provide.

Water Damage & Mold Removal & Mold Remediation Services:

We pride ourselves on being able to offer more home repair services than any other company in the nation.  There isn’t another mold removal company that is able to provide as many services as we can.

water damage caused mold to grow in your home
If you don’t repair water damage right away, you will have worse problems down the road.


  • 24/7 Emergency Service Water & Sewage Extraction
  • Mold Test & Mold Prevention
  • Water Damage Extraction
  • In-Depth Mold Removal and Mold Remediation
  • Home Structural Drying & Mold Removal Equipment Rentals
  • Home Fire Repair
  • Home Smoke Damage Repair
  • Pressure Washing & Water Clean Up
  • Home Water Extraction
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Drywall Mold Removal
  • Complete Mold Restoration

Call The Mold Restoration & Mold Prevention Experts:

Mold is typically present in a home that has a history of water damage.  Unfortunately, water damage in homes is incredibly common.  Most people are completely unaware that their home is being destroyed by water damage because this type of thing happens often in the basement or attic.  The most common culprits are house flooding and leaking pipes, once the water and moisture is in your home, it is nearly impossible to get it out.

This along with other common water problems such as air conditioners creating condensation, water heater failure, leaking washing machine, and old plumbing pipes can cause mold and fungus to grow at an incredible rate.  This is when mold removal and mold remediation is incredibly important.  Without home water repair, your home can be incredibly damaged.

With pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the most profession

Accurate mold removal is the leading mold restoration experts in north carolina
The Accurate Mold Removal Team hard at work in North Carolina

al home repair services.  We make sure that our customers are the number one priority in our business.  We want to provide our customers with the best possible mold services in the whole area.


We understand how stressful and worrisome it can be to have mold in your attic or anywhere in your home.  We have been in that situation before and have helped thousands of people in that situation before and we believe that it is our responsibility to help our home restoration process as smooth as possible.  We are committed to providing excellent services in every aspect of our work.

Everywhere from the initial mold removal, or fire damage removal phone call, and all the way through the project competition, we provide our customers with the most professional services as possible.  We strive to provide our quality services around your schedule and at the most cost-effective restoration process as possible.  After we have been able to restore your home from mold, water damage, or fire damage, we will offer you a full proof plan to make sure your home never faces mold again.  We strive to restore your home to tiptop shape and then provide you with a mold prevention plan.

If you are experiencing any type of water leaking, water damage, or fire damage to your home, you must not hesitate to call!  The best way to save your home from permanent damage is to maintain your home as soon as possible.  Our talented professionals will deal with your water damage situation and begin repairing your mold problem right away!

What is Mold?

Everyone is familiar with the term mold, and I guarantee that everyone understands that mold is not something you want in your home.  However, most people don’t truly understand what mold even is.  If you don’t understand what mold is, then it is difficult to understand how important mold removal is.

You must understand what mold is before you can have mold removed from your home

Mold is a natural type of fungus that is present all around the world but is most common in wet conditions.  Mold is compiled from “Mold Spores”, which is a fancy term for the tiny seeds of the mold itself. The mold seeds can be found nearly everywhere throughout the world, often times these mold spores can be found in homes all around the world.  These fungus seeds can grow in many different conditions, however, if there are excess moisture and water, then the mold will grow at a rapid rate.

This means that if you have any type of water leakage or moisture in your home, mold will pop up and grow at an incredible rate which is very dangerous for your home.  Mold growth must be prevented in the first place, but if the mold is already present, then it must be removed as quickly as possible.  If the mold isn’t taken care of quickly, then it will continue to grow and spread throughout your home and compromise the strength of your house.

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